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The following list of characters is an excerpt from the economy editions of the Ruin Mist books from Robert Stanek. The deluxe editions of Robert Stanek's Ruin Mist Chronicles books include a People, Places, & Things of Ruin Mist section. These illustrated encyclopedic entries are provided in the Special Illustrated Editions of The Kingdoms and the Elves of the Reaches books as well.

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Adrina Alder

Princess Adrina. Third and youngest daughter of King Andrew.

Alexandria Alder

Queen Alexandria. Former Queen of Great Kingdom; Adrina's mother, now deceased.

Andrew Alder

King Andrew. Ruler of Great Kingdom, first of that name to reign.

Ansh Brodst

Captain Brodst. Former captain of the guard, palace at Imtal. King's Knight Captain.

Antwar Alder

King Antwar. The Alder King. First to rule Great Kingdom.

Brodst, Captain

See Ansh Brodst.

Bryan, Brother

Elf of the Red order. Proper Elvish spelling is Br'-än.


Sailmaster Cagan. Elven ship captain of the Queen's schooner. Proper Elvish spelling is Ka'gan.

Calyin Alder

Princess Calyin. Eldest daughter of King Andrew.

Charles Riven

King Charles, ruler of Sever, North Warden of the Word.

De Vit, Chancellor

See Edwar De Vit.

Edwar De Vit

Chancellor De Vit. King Jarom's primary aid and chancellor.

Edward Tallyback

A troant (half troll, half giant) and friend of Xith's. Edward would be the first to tell you that he is only distantly related to the hideous wood trolls and that he is a direct descendant of swamp trolls.

Emel Brodstson

Emel. Former guardsman palace at Imtal; Son of Ansh Brodst.


Queen of the Wolmerrelle.

Evgej, Captain

See Vadan Evgej.

Galan, Brother

Elf of the Red order, second only to Seth.

Great Father

Father of all. He whom we visit at the last.

Imson Adylton

Captain Adylton. Imtal garrison captain.

Isador Froen d'Ga

Lady Isador. Nanny for Adrina; given honorary title of Lady by King.

Jacob Froen d'Ga

Father Jacob. First minister to the king. Head of the priesthood in the capital city of Imtal.

Jarom Tyr'anth

King Jarom, ruler of Vostok, East Warden of the Word.

Keeper Martin

See Martin Braddabaggon.

Lillath Tabborrath

Mother of Vilmos.

Liyan, Brother

Elf, presiding member of East Reach High Council.

Mark, King

The Elven King of West Reach.

Martin Braddabaggon

Keeper Martin. A lore keeper and head of the Council of Keepers.

Michal Klaive

Baron Klaive. Low-ranking nobleman whose lands are rich in natural resources.


Sister Midori. The name Princess Delinna Alder earned after joining the priestesses.


Innkeeper, an old friend of Xith's.


The great mother. She who watches over all.

Queen Mother

The Elven Queen. Queen of East Reach, mother of her people.

Sathar the Dark

He that returned from the dark journey.

Seth, Brother

Elf, first of the Red, protector of Queen Mother.

Vadan Evgej

Captain Evgej. Former Swordmaster, city garrison at Quashan'.


Prince Valam. Governor of South Province. King Andrew's only son. Also known as the Lord and Prince of the South.

Van'te Duardin

Chancellor Van'te. Former first adviser to King Andrew, now confidant to Lord Valam in South Province.

Vilmos Tabborrath

An apprentice of the forbidden arcane arts.

Vil Tabborrath

Father of Vilmos and village councilor of Tabborrath.

Willam Ispeth

Duke Ispeth. Ruler of the independent Duchy of Ispeth.

William Riven

Prince William. Prince of Sever and heir to the throne.


Last of Watchers, Shaman of Northern Reaches. He is most definitely a Gnomic Dwarf (Gnome) though there are those that believe he is a creature of a different sort altogether.

Yi Duardin

Chancellor Yi. First adviser to King Andrew. Brother of Van'te.

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